Send Remarkable Email Newsletters

We make it easy for you to attract new subscribers, send them beautiful email newsletters and see stunning reports on the results.

Blue Bettle Email Campaign Manager

Bespoke template design

We’ll design and develop for you a custom email template inline with your brand and marketing requirements. An extensive, mobile friendly, modular template, from which you can create any number of emails be it short-and-sweet announcements or content rich newsletters.

Bespoke email templates Responsive email templates

Real-time reporting tools

Our powerful and easy to understand reporting tools enable you to see the impact of your email straight away. See who’s opening, clicking and sharing your campaign in real-time. You can also invite colleagues and others to securely access your account and manage campaigns.

Email campaign reports Powerful email campaign reports

World view

Experience a whole new way of meeting your subscribers. Every time you send a campaign, we'll show you who is opening it, clicking links, forwarding it to their friends, liking it on Facebook or mentioning it on Twitter. All this is shown on a map, in real-time, all wrapped in a gorgeous UI.

Real-time campaign reports In-depth campaign reports

Social sharing & forwards

We report every 'Like' and 'Tweet' your campaign receives as part of our stunning reports. So you can see not only which subscribers are sharing with their friends, but what they're saying about you.

Social analytics Email campaign social analytics

Build an audience

Grow your lists by adding subscribe forms to your website and Facebook page. Create as many lists to group your subscribers as you need - and we'll automatically handle all new signups, unsubscribes, bounces and spam complaints seamlessly behind the scenes.

Build an audience Email subsriber management

Grow your audience

Use our simple form builder to create signup forms you can easily add to your site. You can also accept registrations from your Facebook page and off course we make it very easy to import your existing subsribers at the click of a button.

Grow your audience Build subscriber database

Start Sending Sophisticated Email Campaigns Today

We’ve got a feature rich platform that will do all the leg-work for you, here is a small selection of some more...

A/B Split Testing
A/B Split Testing
Easily test two variations of your email campaigns, then send the best performer!
Personalise Your Emails
Personalise Your Emails
Personalise Your Emails Make it personal by inserting your subscribers name or a product they purchased using our own template language.
Spam Testing
Spam Testing
We'll run your campaign through popular spam filters at the desktop, server and firewall level before you send it.
Top Notch Deliverability
Top Notch Deliverability
Authentication, relationships with ISPs, industry-leading mail servers and more ensure your emails are delivered.
Autoresponders & Drip Campaigns
Autoresponders & Drip Campaigns
Quickly build and schedule automated welcome messages, birthday greetings and other date-based campaigns.
Compare Your Campaigns
Compare Your Campaigns
Spot trends by comparing opens, clicks and more for multiple campaigns at once.projects.

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